The Biodiversity Japan Award

The Prize Winners

The Prize Winners 2017

Grand Prix

Building a Sustainable Sato-umi by Making Kashiwajima Island in Kochi a Living Museum

NPO Kuroshio Experience Center

Kashiwajima Island in Kochi is a treasure trove of biodiversity despite its temperate zone location. This NPO engages in activities with the aim of creating a sustainable model for sato-umi by considering the entire island, including its abundant nature and people living there, as a living museum. These activities balance biodiversity conservation and reuse initiatives from the standpoint of the local fishing and tourism industries.

Excellence Awards

Sustainable and high quality oyster aquaculture by obtaining international aquaculture certification

Miyagi Fisheries Cooperative

Developed tools and guidelines for making biodiversity mainstream at companies

Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity(JBIB)

The project for measuring how far dragonflies fly

Dragonfly Flying Distance Forum

Female junior high and high school students tackled challenges aimed at resolving seafloor garbage in the Seto Inland Sea

Geography and History Club, Sanyo Gakuen Sanyo Girls Junior High School and High School

The Prize Winners 2015

Grand Prix

The Advanced Promotional Project on the Appropriate Resource Use of Hokkaido Sika Deer Meat
Yezo Deer Association (Hokkaido)

Excellence Awards

Efforts toward the Conservation of Biodiversity through “Green Tea for Beautiful Lake Biwa” and “Green Tea for Beautiful Japan” Projects
Itoen, Ltd. (Tokyo Metropolitan)

Conservation and Restoration of Water Environments and the Activation of Regions
River Cheering Squad in Kyushu/Watershed Management Laboratory (Prof. Shimatani), Kyushu University (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Citizens’ Efforts for the Restoration and Revitalization of the Damaged Genbegawa River to the Biodiverse River
NPO Groundwork Mishima (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Ohya Hummingbird Project
Kesennuma City Ohya Junior-High School (Miyagi Prefecture)

The Prize Winners 2013

Grand Prix

Restoration of Rice Paddies Devastated by the Tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake Using Resilience of the Ecosystem
NPO Tambo

Excellence Awards

Joint Tagging Survey of Skipjack off the Pacific Coast of Japan and a Series of Cooperative Projects and Enlightenment Activities
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Bamboo Paper Project
Chuetsu Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

Aya Lucidophyllous Forest Project
TERUHA Forest Association

Society for Nature Technology,
System Construction for the Creation of Nature Technology
Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University

The Prize Winners 2011

Grand Prix

Toward Coexistence with Humans: Protection of Wild Geese as an Index Species of the Wetland Environment
Japanese Association for Wild Geese Protection (Miyagi Prefecture)

Excellence Awards

From the Conservation of Reed Beds to the Making of Raftered Roofs – Living together with Reed Beds –
Kumagai Master Thatchers Co. Ltd.   (Miyagi Prefecture)

Conservation and Management of Asiatic Black Bears
NPO Picchio  (Nagano Prefecture)

Activities for Nature Conservation and Education in the Source for the Tama River in Kosugemura Village, Yamanashi Prefecture
NPO Tama Genryu Kosuge   (Yamanashi Prefecture)

Noda Natural Symbiotic Farm
Noda Natural Symbiotic Farm  (Chiba Prefecture)

The Prize Winners 2009

Grand Prix

Conservation of Paddy Fields in a Ravine through Cooperation with Local Businesses
The Asaza Fund (NPO) (Ibaraki prefecture) and other related industries

Excellence Awards

Conservation Field: Initiatives relating to Shiretoko’s Biodiversity
Shiretoko Nature Foundation (Hokkaido)

Conservation Research: Activities to Conserve Biodiversity in Regions focused on “Agriculture”
Agriculture and Nature Research Institute (NPO) (Fukuoka Prefecture)

Use Research: Ecological Network Research and Practical Application
Kajima Corporation(Tokyo Metropolitan)

Conservation Product: “White Stork-Friendly Farming Methods” & White Stork Co-existence Rice White Stork Conservation Rice Production Group/Japan
Agriculture Tajima/White Stork Wetlands Net (Nonprofit)/Toyooka City/Toyooka Agricultural Extension Center (Hyogo Prefecture)

10 Procurement Guidelines including Biodiversity Conservation
Sekisui House Corp. (Osaka prefecture)

Conservation Communication: Regular Implementation of “Let’s Think About Biodiversity” Campaign
The Chunichi Shinkin Bank (Aichi Prefecture)

“You Can Protect Borneo!” Campaign
Saraya Corp. (Osaka prefecture)